Overcoming Financial Problems

All human beings are vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed with financial problems.  Sometimes, problems arise that were not within your control that can leave your family financially devastated, or even worse — bankrupt.  Overcoming the stress you feel when you are dealing with money problems is a tough challenge, but if you are going to have any control over your future you need to take steps now to make changes in how you’re managing your money.

Seek And Destroy Bad Habits

If you are going to patch up your financial future you need to be 100% honest with yourself and look over your past.  There is a reason you are in the position that you are in.  Again, sometimes a large medical bill or other substantial payment comes due that empties a family’s accounts, but the majority of people we speak to simply have bad spending habits and have gotten themselves into the position they’re in.  You have to pay back your debts.  The only debt you should legitimately carry are a mortgage, auto loan, and student loans (only if necessary).  You also need to start living on a needs basis, and really evaluate whether the money you are spending is required for your life to continue.

Pick Up Some Books

You are going to need some help getting through the windy road that is fixing your financial stress.  There are thousands of books on the subject, so do some reviews and find best sellers that are older.  The reason I recommend older books is because of the advancements in technology.  Technology is great, and all, but it is expensive to live in a digital world.  The older books help you get back to reality, and realize how easy you can live life without having outside stressors influencing your financial decisions.

Get Ready For A Long Road

You need to know going into this that you are in for a long haul.  Look back to figure out how many years you have spent digging yourself into a trench of bad habits, and then plan on doubling those years before you forget about the situation you’re in right now.  You will overcome it.  Enjoy the process and live in peace knowing that you are taking control over your future and are not going to let your course be dictated by your past.

Overcoming Stress At Work

It doesn’t matter who you are, people everywhere are vulnerable to being overcome with stress when dealing with work environments.  There are high politic environments that force people into the drama, and it is never easy to deal with.  If you have found yourself overwhelmed with work place drama and stress you can take a few steps to overcome the problem and get back to loving your job (if that’s possible!)

Recognize The Warning Signs

If you feel anxious around certain people, or find yourself losing interest in work then you are probably suffering from high stress.  Other symptoms include muscle tension and headaches, problems sleeping and fatigue during the day, having trouble concentrating, social withdrawal, loss of sex drive and even resorting to the use of drugs and alcohol to help cope with the stress.

Identify The Sources

If you have found yourself relating to some of these warning signs then you need to start figuring out where your stress is coming from.  Most times it is someone in a higher position than you, placing unreasonable demands on your time or singling you out in one way or another.  High pressure work environments are notorious for these types of behaviors.

Avoid The Stressor

After you’ve identified what is causing you so much stress you need to start implementing the steps to reduce the stress or completely remove it from your life all together.  Being able to avoid the stressor may mean having yourself placed underneath another supervisor, moving cubicles so that you are not in direct contact with the person, or even trying to find a new job.

Alter The Stressor

If you are unable to avoid the stressor than you need to learn how to alter their behavior.  By speaking your mind (in a civil way that doesn’t threaten your job) you are going to be able to gain their respect, in an attempt to put an end to the stress.  Some people will just love to make your life hell, though, so this method doesn’t always work out so well.

Adapt To The Stressor

When they won’t alter their behavior, you have to learn to accept and expect it.  They are not going to change for you or anyone else, so you need to understand that they will not be any different going forward.  Knowing this information will help you in your reactions to the way they communicate with you and instead of getting stressed you will be able to brush their comments to the side.

Accept The Stressor

When all else fails just accept them for who they are.  Know that they have serious issues that they must work on for themselves, and that you are probably not the only person dealing with the same problems and the same people.


Overcoming Low Self Esteem

Millions of people suffer from low self esteem and may never even realize it.  Think about how often you feel down or blue, or allow other people to push you around and cross your boundaries, leaving you feeling worthless.  There are ways to recognize low self esteem and work on overcoming it but first you must..

Know The Signs

Are you constantly putting yourself down, or allowing others to make you feel bad about yourself?  When you do not have the self respect required to set healthy boundaries for those around you, and even yourself, you are setting the stage for people to disrespect you — and in turn lower your self esteem even more.  When you do not feel good enough about yourself to stop others from putting you down, you are showing huge red flags for low self esteem.

Know What To Do When You Suffer From Low Self Esteem

You need to start by learning to recognize the inner critic that you have.  When you criticize yourself you are priming yourself for others to disrespect you.  Low self esteem always begins inside of yourself, rather than from the outside world.  If you allow yourself to feel down, and unable to feel good about anything you do or think then you are allowing the outside forces to come in and effect your mood and personality.

Quick Tips To Help You Recover

Stop comparing yourself to other people.  Nobody is like you.  You may have similarities with other people but you are 100% unique in the makeup of your personality, beliefs and how you interact with the world.  Love yourself for this unique view of the world.

Learn to respect yourself.  If you want other people to respect you then you need to start learning to respect yourself.  Set boundaries in your relationships that are healthy, but that you do not want people to cross.  If they cross these boundaries expect to cut ties with the people.  If they are not helping you up they are holding you down.

Spend time in nature.  Getting some fresh energy by spending time out in nature is a great way to boost your self esteem.  The natural energy helps to sooth your soul, and get you connected to the Earth again so that you can feel the energies flowing around you and connect with them.